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Atlas Copco Dry Screw Pumps

The Atlas Copco DWS series of dry screw vacuum pumps, available in both water-cooled and air-cooled models, offers a robust solution for demanding industrial applications. These pumps, designed with an innovative variable pitch dry screw mechanism, deliver clean and reliable vacuum flow while reducing maintenance costs. At its core, they feature a hybrid rotor design that optimizes performance while minimizing the footprint and power consumption. The DWS series can also be customized to suit hazardous process environments and incorporates purge protection to extend service intervals and enhance pump life.

A new generation of dry screw vacuum pumps, the Atlas Copco DWS VSD+ series is intelligently engineered for long-life operations and designed to handle a wide range of harsh industrial applications. This environmentally friendly pump employs dry screw operations, eliminating the need for disposing of contaminated or dirty oil, thus significantly reducing maintenance costs. Built with Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology, it optimizes energy consumption, leading to substantial energy savings and reducing utility costs. The robust, compact design ensures a minimal footprint, freeing up valuable space in your production area or vacuum utility room.

The DHS VSD+ is a fully air-cooled, compact and clean dry screw vacuum pump. It’s robust design and small footprint makes it the perfect pump for industrial applications. This innovatively designed pump also features remote monitoring and control capabilities is efficient, has a low cost of ownership and is a truly clean vacuum pump.

Please contact Northwest Flow Technologies for data sheets.

Model CFM HP Ultimate Pressure (in HgV) Ultimate Pressure (Torr)
DWS 124-260 8.6-20 29.92 0.008
DWS VSD+ 265-435 20-30 29.90 0.5
DHS VSD+ 38-118 2-5 29.89 0.75
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