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Atlas Copco Vacuum Boosters

Vacuum boosters are used to supercharge vacuum pumps to greatly extend pump performance. This allows for much faster pumping speeds and deeper vacuum levels. The vacuum booster increases the CFM of the vacuum system therefore reducing the evacuation time.

The ZRS mechanical booster pumps feature a unique hydrokinetic drive which provides efficient power transmission with benefits in economy, performance and compactness. These booster pumps are suitable for use with high differential pressures which allow the booster pump to be started at the same time as the backing pump, reducing total pump down times.

The most frequent use of the DRB roots vacuum pumps is as an enabler for smaller primary vacuum pumps. They are designed to boost the most demanding requirements for modern vacuum-based production processes. The compact design of DRB pump means it is easy to integrate into existing vacuum systems. It is also easy to implement conversion from vertical to horizontal flow. The DRB series is also equipped with IE3 three-phase motors and consumer lesser energy and have low carbon emissions and noise levels.

Please contact Northwest Flow Technologies for data sheets.

Model CFM HP Maximum Pressure Differential (Torr)
ZRS 220-2935 3-15 38
DRB 178-1449 1.5-10 38
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