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Atlas Copco Rotary Piston

Oil sealed rotary piston pumps cover a broad pressure range and provide very high volumetric efficiency throughout most of the pressure range. Power requirements are modest and water consumption is low since it is a valved compressor. The installation of oil sealed rotary piston pumps is simple and inexpensive.

The Atlas Copco GLS series has undergone various improvements, upgrades, and fine-tuning, resulting in greater reliability, productivity, and reduced maintenance and process downtime. This is particularly important in demanding industries like automotive and aerospace, where a smooth supply chain is crucial. The GLS rotary piston pump has a compact design with minimal moving parts and large clearance, maximizing uptime and minimizing maintenance. Its advanced balancing reduces vibration, making it easy to maintain. Every feature of the pump is geared towards meeting the user's needs, from a low lifecycle cost to in-house service for added peace of mind, and reliable operation.

The GLS series pumps are equipped with controllable gas ballast to provide vapor handling capability and to reduce oil changes by preventing condensable vapors from contaminating the oil.

Please contact Northwest Flow Technologies for data sheets.

Model CFM HP Ultimate Pressure (in HgV) Ultimate Pressure (Torr)
GLS 250 150 7.5 0.025 0.033
GLS 500 300 10 0.025 0.033
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