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Atlas Copco Dry Claw Pumps

The dry claw machine boasts some fantastic design features including stainless steel corrosion resistant claws. The renowned Atlas Copco surface coating applied to the pumps process chambers has proven to be unrivalled in our compressors. The DZS also features dry oil-free pumping chamber, simple maintenance with contact free internals, simple air cooling, and a compact design with a small footprint.

The DZS VSD⁺ series are a range of Class 0 certified dry claw vacuum pumps; single stage, oil-free, air-cooled and with the VSD⁺ inverter drive technology built-in. The DZS VSD⁺ series are a range of long life and durable pumps with very low maintenance for rough vacuum applications. These compact machines with small footprint deliver high reliability through a rugged and robust design.

We offer a complete DZM VSD+ multi-claw vacuum pumping system in a box. A solution perfectly designed to meet your larger process demands with a central vacuum system based on the renowned Atlas Copco compressor philosophy. At the heart of this system is the DZS 300 V claw pump providing efficiency, robustness and ultimate performance with best-in-class credentials. With three sizes of systems available plus the option to expand the central vacuum system with centrally controlled multiple packages, we can offer a complete turn-key solution regardless of your requirements.

Please contact Northwest Flow Technologies for data sheets.

Model CFM HP Ultimate Pressure (in HgV) Ultimate Pressure (Torr)
DZS 47-208 3-10 28.4 37.5
DZS VSD+ 62-234 4-15 28.4 37.5
DZM VSD+ 14-918 44-59 25.5 112.5
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