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Kinney® offers no sealant recovery, partial sealant recovery and full sealant recovery liquid ring systems with KLRC two-stage liquid rings.

A Once Through, No Sealant Recovery (NSR) system takes water directly from the water supply, circulates the water and discharges it directly through a gas/liquid separator tank to an approved drain. This arrangement is most common on small pumps or in installations where adequate sealant flow is available from outside source or where contamination of sealant is not a factor.

A Partial Sealant Recovery (PSR) system has the pump discharging water and gas into a gas/liquid separator tank, releasing the gas to atmosphere and retaining the water. Some water is disposed through an overflow and remainder is retained in the separator tank for recirculation. Makeup water is added in quantity necessary to maintain proper sealing water temperature. A PSR is the most commonly used arrangement where sealing liquid conservation is required and generally the most economical.

A Full Sealant Recovery system is a closed loop sealing configuration used to conserve sealant and/or where suitable or compatible sealant is not available from an outside source. Full recirculation of sealant is provided from the discharge gas/liquid separator tank and employs a heat exchanger to maintain proper sealing fluid temperature.

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