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Kinney® compact and close coupled vacuum booster systems backed by oil-sealed rotary piston pumps have the advantage of operating at maximum efficiency over a wider range of low pressures, while providing high volumetric displacement. Typically, the pumping speed of the vacuum boosters is five to ten times that of the backing pump. This combination provides efficient, economical two-stage, compound operation.

These systems operate automatically from atmospheric pressure to their blank-off pressure. Each pump is equipped with its own motor and the booster pump is automatically controlled by a self-contained pressure switch. When started, the second stage pump (i.e. piston pump) roughs the system to the cut-in pressure of the booster pump, at which point, the booster pump automatically cuts in. When started, the booster pump quickly reaches maximum pumping speed. If the pressure should rise above the set cut-in pressure, the booster automatically stops operation and the second stage pump resumes with its roughing function until the cut-in pressure is once again reached. A temperature switch protects the booster pump in the event of excessive temperatures.

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