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Kinney® rotary piston pumps are rugged, reliable and very forgiving in dirty applications and available in single-stage and two-stage.

Oil sealed rotary piston pumps cover a broad pressure range and provide very high volumetric efficiency throughout most of the pressure range. Power requirements are modest and water consumption is low since it is a valved compressor. The installation of oil sealed rotary piston pumps is simple and inexpensive.

The cooling water for water cooled rotary piston pumps is not in contact with the process gas and therefore cannot become contaminated.

Single-stage rotary piston pumps are designed to provide high volumetric efficiency over a wide pressure range. Two-stage rotary piston pumps are designed to provide lower pressure than are attainable with single stage pumps.

All Kinney® rotary piston pumps are equipped with controllable gas ballast to provide vapor handling capability and to reduce oil changes by preventing condensable vapors from contaminating the oil.

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